Magnificence In Imagination!

Excellence In Innovation!

Brilliance In Ingenuity!

image The Legacy image
Just like a diamond, strong, brilliant and beautiful;
our legacy stands with the strength and pride!

Shining Year of 1972

Mr. Himat Vora, The Brilliant Visionary Who Believed In Taking Chances And Leap Of Faith, Landed In City Of Dreams- Mumbai. His Ambitions Were Sky-High And The Urge To Create Something New And Stunning Was Deep And Passionate As Ocean. With Rock-Solid Determination And Zealous Dedication To Create His Fortune In The World Of Diamond And Jewellery,

Mr. Vora Embarked On The Most Ambitious Adventure In Diamond Industry.

He laid the foundation and shaped the shining legacy of ‘The Romil Group’ in 1990.

Even today his principled and passionate approach is highly evident throughout the Romil Group.

Mr. Himat Vora continues to be the source of inspiration for both his sons Mr. Jaymin Vora and Mr. Romil Vora, who are equally passionate to continue this shining legacy.

Both the leaders of Vora family, zealously channel their passion and expertise in establishing the tradition for


image OUR MISSION image
Mission to Deliver the Brilliance!

We are continuously developing policies and building people
to meet the needs of distinct markets in diamond business. With an undying spirit of passion and promise,
we maintain our strong presence across the globe.

Vision to Continuously Rise & Shine Globally!

We work zealously to rise and shine as Global Leaders
for Certified Diamonds of the purest quality and providing at competitive prices. Every sphere of our operations is supported on three strong pillars of ‘Imagination, Innovation and Ingenuity’ to make us stand with pride.

Philosophy of Commitment & Values

Romil Group is driven by the the strong philosophy of upholding the commitment and values that run deep within the organisation and reflect in everything we do.
We are committed to ethical business practices for expanding and maintaining our goodwill among our clients and the people in diamond industry.
Trust is the strong equation we build every time with the people. Our commitment to ethics, transparency, consistency,and maintaining high value of customer satisfaction is forever unwavering.

The Strong Visionary, the Force and the extended family of the Romil Group, all contribute to its success!

The Strong Visionary

Mr Himat Vora
The visionary, who first laid the foundation stone of the Romil Group. He was the man who dreamt beyond
and committed to manifest them as well. His commitment to his creative intentions reflects in the success of the Romil Group.
His visionary leadership along with four decades of experience has turned the Romil Group from a small family business into one of the most sought-after and renowned diamond and jewellery company, worldwide.

The Force

Mr Jaymin Vora
The second generation leader of the Vora family is passionate about the jewellery designs and jewellery manufacturing.
Beauty and fine details of designs never escape his sharp eyes. With his inspiration for exotic designs in jewellery-making, drawn from different cultures of world and vast experience in jewellery business,he leads the jewellery designing, manufacturing and marketing of the Romil Group.

Mr Romil Vora
With the years of experience behind him and still adding, this young businessman of the Vora family
leads the diamond division with his prudent expertise in diamonds.

The Family
Every person who works and contributes in the Romil Group is recognised as an family.
Every employee at Romil, has contributed phenomenally to the success and pride of the Romil Group.
The dedication and unstinting support of each worker at the Romil Group is the reason we are shining across the globe.

The logo of Romil proudly reflects
‘who we are’ and strongly resonates ‘what we do’.

It is more than just a symbol; it is our proud success story designed into a work of art. The prancing Pegasus signifies the giant leaps

we have taken confidently in the field of diamond and jewellery industry, to reach across the globe.

The Romil Group is further defined by the motto of


'Imagination’ invokes the courage in our team to think and do something different every time

The talented and skilful team of the Romil Group is free to think out of the box and unleash their creativity in business;

as a result the Romil Group shines with brilliance and excellence.

‘Innovation’ calls out to everyone at the Romil to rise above the ordinary.

Human skills combined with smart technology contributes to the exceptional perfection of every diamond, making it come alive and sparkle with brilliance.

‘Ingenuity’ demands from the Romil Group to be identified as a path-breaker and bold enough to be different and unique.

just like the pegasus, we set our own trends and blaze a trail others to follow!

Find your desired
diamond at a best price